Mindful MOVEment and Wellness

For improved health, fitness, and wellbeing, physical activity and the reduction of sedentary time and stress is vital to your overall health. I offer one-on-one fitness and wellness services, including reiki, yoga, and personal training.
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Naperville Family Nature Meetup & Free Forest School

Join local families on informal, meet-up nature adventures throughout the greater Chicago area, as a part of the Naperville Family Nature Meetup with a focus on the western suburbs, starting in early 2018.  I also facilitate meetings for  the Free Forest School of Chicagoland, starting in the summer of 2018.
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WILD Woman Project Circles, Naperville

Join us for a WILD Woman Project circle: a gathering of women for healing, support, and whole-being during the new moon. We are located in the western Chicago suburb of Naperville.   
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Feathering the Nest - Children's Circles & Mindful Parenting

Come together with local families, add depth to familial relationships, and support one another on this incredible journey of parenting.
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"In Wildness is the preservation of the world" - Thoreau
This website, along with the event offerings, are my attempt to return to the sacred and facilitate healing, connection, and wellness at the community level, to reclaim instinct and a deep connection to place and Earth. To return to WILD-ness. Events offered will include WILD Woman Project circles, parenting support groups, and a family nature club. Please be advised that the blog may contain adult language and content and is for mature audiences, and the blog and other writing does not necessarily represent the opinions or stance of my employers or professional organizations. To learn more, see the About Me page.
**These offerings are not intended as or meant to replace medical care (such as therapy), but are meant to augment and enhance your sense of wellbeing and wholeness**